Centennial Steel

Division of Consolidated Fabricators Corp.

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West Coast

Steel Offerings on the West Coast

Galvanized, hot rolled, pickled & cold rolled prime and secondary material

We offer full coil, slit coil & leveled sheet!

Material available in full coil, slit coil or leveled sheet to your specifications.

We welcome the opportunity to quote you on coils as is.

Material can also be leveled to length or slit to size.
Material can be processed on site.

Slitting capacities are up to ¼" thick X 72" wide.

Leveling capacities are 16 gauge and lighter up to 60" wide &
14 gauge thru ½" thick up to 96" wide
40,000 lbs. max coils

Price will vary according to size and quantity.


2 Slitter machines available

Braner .013 to .250" x 60" for P&O, cr, galv

Delta .250" x 72" for hr

Weight capacity to 50,000 lbs.

Herr Voss Leveler

12 gauge to 30 gauge 60" wide coil.

Weight capacity 45,000 lbs coil.

Cauffield Flattener

.625 to 11 gauge can handle up to 96" wide coil.

Has up to a 30-ton capacity.


Call toll free for any additional information
if you do not want to receive any additional faxes.

Phone (888) 378-3350 or Fax (323) 586-4516

We'd love to show you around so come visit us at our Vernon facility!